Radio-controlled Race Cars And Racing

Sprint Electric RC Cars

There are many kinds of cars in the real world: Sedans, Safaris, SUVs, Formula One cars. So, their imitating radio controlled cars also have all those kinds. While a touring Electric RC Car is the most popular one, the Electric RC Sprint Car is no doubt the strangest of the bunch.
Real Sprint Cars are small light weight high powered cars designed for very fast racing at more than 200 kmph. These cars have a very high power to weight ratio or, in other words, they are relatively very light for the speeds given by them. Being very fast, they use cage like metal structure mounted on top for safety of drivers, in case of overturning, rolling during high speed racing.
Being very light, to increase tire friction and to prevent easy hopping off the track/ ground, a wing typically made of aluminium is mounted on top in the centre, which increases the downward thrust while racing. Electric RC Sprint Cars also imitate their real counterparts, point for point, with only lesser speed but same design.
Due to the very high speeds, these are popular for training of NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) drivers. Indeed, these are designed primarily for racing on dirty tracks in short stretches. Likewise, Electric RC Sprint Cars can also be used for rough training on dirty bumpy tracks.
The typical features of an Electric RC Sprint Cars are as follows:
1. Lightweight carbon-composite chassis.
2. Location of Motor at the centre of chassis for equal weight distribution.
3. Aluminium alloy roll cage.
4. Aluminium side guards and bumpers.
5. Adjustable aluminium wing mounted on top and with side wings to help turning.
One can even find wingless sprint cars. The popularity of sprint cars led to the formation of the ‘World of Outlaws’ sprint series. It is then little wonder that Electric RC Sprint Cars also have devoted fans, who adore them for the sheer pumping of adrenaline. Go Sprinting Now!

Electric RC Car Racing

Learn About Electric RC Car Racing Clubs, Types, And Organizations.
To the uninitiated, it may seem astonishing to find the race tracks, the crowds, well organized races, rules and regulations, even regulatory bodies, all for racing toy-like miniatures/ model cars.
The model RC cars may look small, but are no less ferocious than their real counterparts once they begin to race. The fact that the present world record for RC car racing is at 178 kmph would testify it.
The beauty of Electric RC cars is their neat, quieter working on tracks, though not at speeds comparable to the highest in fuel (Nitro/ Gas) RC cars.
There are different types of cars to race and as well as different models and scales (scale is a fractional ratio of a model against its original counterpart). Also, there can be on-road or off-road races. Electric RC cars compete mainly in 1/10th and 1/12th scales, mostly on-road.
There are Electric RC Car Racing Clubs and online forums, for support, community development, interaction and exchange of information. In many American, European and Asian countries there are official national RC racing associations/regulatory bodies which in turn control local regional racing organizations for fair play.
There is also a world level RC Car Racing body called IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing), in which the following four regional blocks of RC car racing are members.

1. EFRA (European Federation of Radio-Operated Model Automobiles): It has approximately 30 European nations, including Russia, as members.
2. FAMAR (Fourth Association of Model Auto Racing): An association of half a dozen Latin American nations and South Africa.
3. FEMCA (Far East Model Car Association): It represents some ten Asian countries, including China, as well as Australia and New Zealand.
4. ROAR (Remotely Operated Auto Racers): An apex body of the USA’s and Canada’s Racing organizations.

Every year many International Racing Events are held for RC cars. They have separate races for Fuel/ Nitro/ Gas/ Internal Combustion RC Cars as well as Electric RC cars. Racers selected by national bodies will participate in these full-fledged international events like any other sport.
No wonder, Electric RC Car Racing is a very exciting, thriving, well-organized hobby sport. It’s economical too! Buy one, join now in your local club, and enjoy!

Gas RC Race Cars

Not All Gas Cars Are Equal. Discover The Real Racers!
Any Nitro RC car that can be raced is a Gas RC Car. Here are some examples: Gas RC Zs and Ts, Gas SUVs, Gas Hummers, Gas Buggies, Gas Off-Road Trucks, Gas Mini RC Cars, Gas F1 type Racers, Gas RC Tour Cars. Only Touring Gas RC cars, Formula One Gas RC cars, and Off-Road Gas Buggies are real racecars. The Touring and Formula One Gas RC cars have a small rear wing that provides increased grip to the ground while racing. Most of the time, they have four-wheel drive with high friction, soft rubber tires like their real counterparts. There are races for two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive trucks, buggies, touring cars, and Can-Am bodied cars. But, there are also classes of races specific to the Gas RC car type. Just like the real racecars, racing these Nitro RC Racing Cars is fun and exciting. You may also need special equipment for Nitro RC Racing Cars. Tamiya, Traxxas, Team Losi, Kyosho, and HPI are a few reputable manufacturers of Gas RC cars. Gas RC cars need special care because they race for much longer durations and distances than Electric RC Cars. When it comes to hardware, always use high friction race tires, keep wheel alignment perfect, check all nuts, bolts and other replaceable parts for tight and snug fitting, and see if the engine needs to be tuned prior to racing. Check the fuel, all of the fuel lines and other accessories. Lubricate all of the moving parts and use ball bearings as much as you can to minimize loss due to internal friction. The racecar’s tires need special attention. You can use an automatic tire gluer for correct alignment and an automatic tire tuner for tuning the tire surface. Racing cars may need a few more sets of spare tires for races. This is more applicable to Gas RC racecars because they run longer and attract more dirt and grime than the electric RC cars. The Gas RC Racing cars may just be models, but they are no less ferocious than their real counterparts once began to race. With the smooth rubber race tires to aid the grip, oil filled shock absorbers for smooth ride and less wear and tear on internal parts, very realistic modelling, powerful gas engines, specially formulated high energy fuels, these can easily attain an insane 70 mph with some modifications. With the increasing popularity of 1/8 and 1/10 scales, the new supercharged two-stroke gas engines, and four stroke engines the patronage for Gas RC cars is bound to increase. The present world record for Gas RC Race Car Racing is at 110 mph.

Race Nitro RC Cars

Not All Nitro Cars Are Equal.Discover The Real Racers!
The excitement is palpable. Every participant is busy preparing their cars, making last minute checks, honing tires with meticulous precision, getting ready and checking again and again the spare tires, batteries and extra fuel and testing the radio controls. Only the radio controls and the sizes of tracks to cars involved in the race betray that it’s a model car race only. The Nitro RC Racing cars may just be models but they are no less ferocious than their real counterparts once began to race. The fact that the present world record for RC car Racing is at 178 kmph would testify to it. Even in normal races, they attain the insane 120 kmph speeds. To the uninitiated, it may be shocking to see the stunningly realistic Nitro RC Racing cars racing with astonishing speeds, familiar auto roars and belching of smoke! The frenzy of crowds only adds to the excitement. Well, there can be many types of races like On-road, Off-Road, Touring etc. choosing a race to participate need a few pre-assessments. 1. The level of you skill. A beginner can’t race with experts. The kind of training you need also decide it. 2. The choice of model of the race and yours need to match. 3. Popularity of the model you own and the race you can participate in need also to be popular in your area. 4. Budget is all too important. The initial cost of car, its maintenance, transit and camping of racer all need consideration. 5. If you can’t attend the rigours of maintenance, off-roads are a big no-no. You can always have good advice from clubs, experts, internet and peers. If you are reaching a level of respectable skills, its time you consider racing official races. They are conducted as per the guidelines of governing bodies like the following. 1. EFRA (European Federation of Radio-Operated Model Automobiles): it has some 30 odd European nations including Russia as members. 2. FAMAR (Fourth Association of Model Auto Racing): an association of half a dozen Latin American nations and South Africa. 3. FEMCA (Far East Model Car Association): It represents some ten Asian countries including China and Australia and New Zealand. 4. ROAR (Remotely Operated Auto Racers): An apex body USA and Canada’s Racing organizations. There is also a world level RC Car Racing body called IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing), in which the above four regional blocks of RC car racing as members.

RC Racing Monster Trucks

Get Involved, Feel The Thrill. Learn More About Racing RC Trucks. Read A Quick Overview. Learn About The Different Clubs & Organizations.

RC Racing Monster Trucks Are A Thrill. The sport of RC racing monster trucks is a big time industry. Racing is open to both the amateur and professional RC racing monster truck drivers. Professional drivers that participate in racing can be backed by specific companies and the financial winnings can be a substantial amount. Getting involved in the sport of RC racing monster trucks is a simple as buying a RC monster truck. Winning an event is another story. There are a lot of details that people modify on their RC racing monster trucks and there is a lot of knowledge to be learned for racing strategies. Practice tracks can be found around the world. To find tracks ask about them at your local hobby store or take a look what information can be found on the internet. Racing associations like the ROAR (US and Canada), the BRCA (Britain), or the IFMAR (international) offer a series of races year-round. Races are an excellent place to meet people and learn more about the sport. Some of the common racing classes depend on the size of the RC racing monster truck, the type of power source used and the track condition (on road or off road). RC racing monster trucks are specifically designed to achieve the best success for a certain race class, but the skill and knowledge of the driver comes into play and that is what will help a racer to succeed in winning a RC racing monster truck event. Local clubs hold races for their members through out the year for RC racing monster trucks. Many of them will set up various tracks through out the year to challenge their members and to give the opportunity for new challenges. Additionally, individuals can create their own race tracks in their backyard or garage for practice. RC racing monster trucks can offer many thrills for the RC hobbyist. From the intricate design of the RC racing monster truck to the speed and challenge of making a turn on a packed track, from the designer details of the RC racing monster truck body to the material planning of an exquisite track RC racing monster trucks can provide a life-time of fun.